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BCAA 5000 Powder - Unflavored

BCAA 5000 PowderUnflavored

10.58 oz canister
12-Pack (12 x 10.58 oz canister)

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Exercise Recovery

MET-Rx® BCAA 5000 powder supplies a precise, clinically studied ratio of leucine, valine and isoleucine (45/30/25). Branched chain amino acids may be the most important amino acids for exercise and recovery as they work directly within muscle to regulate protein synthesis at the genetic level.* BCAAs can also increase nitrogen retention and can be used as an energy source to fuel exercise.*

Product Highlights:

    Massive MET-Rx® BCAA 5000 Benefits:

  • Muscle protein synthesis and muscle energy source*
  • Muscle nitrogen support during heavy training*
  • Vitamin B-6 for optimal BCAA uptake*