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Active Woman Multivitamin

Active Woman Multivitamin

90 ct. Bottle
6-Pack (6 x 90 ct. Bottle)
12-Pack (12 x 90 ct. Bottle)

MET-Rx Active Woman is your go-to multivitamin for women of all ages. Active Woman is enhanced with key vitamins and minerals needed to support energy production and exercise recovery, two important factors for an active lifestyle.* The perfect multivitamin for women to supplement key nutrients that may be missing in their diet.

Product Highlights:

  • Nutritional supplement multivitamin specially designed for the athletic female
  • Timed release high potency formula
  • Antioxidant support and UWS active sport blend
  • 500 mg of calcium per 2 tablet serving
  • B vitamins and Iron for energy metabolism support*